Roz Walker

Roz is an Advanced Sales Leader. She has around 50 in her team, with four downlines.

I was a Representative many years ago so I knew a little about Avon. I'm a diabetic with two small children so finding a job that was flexible to allow for them and my medical appointments was proving to be a big challenge.

I joined as a Representative in January 2009 when my youngest child Sam was two months old. Becoming

a Representative did help to work off my baby bump through lots of walking with the buggy! My eldest child Ben loves helping me deliver brochures and putting them into bags! After a couple of campaigns my upliner Jane

Hughes suggested Sales Leadership and I’ve not looked back since! Jane has offered me amazing support – I couldn’t have done it without her.

Becoming a Sales Leader is not an easy journey; it requires a lot of time and effort and there are some rough patches to get through. It takes a while to pay off - patience is definitely a virtue, which I lack at times! When I didn’t get as far as I had thought I had I was devastated; Representatives in one of my downliner’s teams had not placed orders or dropped out so my downliner didn't qualify. I felt like I'd let her down and I have learned lessons in how to do things in the future. It's a sharp learning curve.

My dream is to provide my family with a financially stable environment and to be able to pay the bills. Support from my husband and children is vital; there have been a few arguments, especially when I was at Sales Leader level, but I think they have been resolved. Eventually I'd like to move to a bigger, more comfortable house and for the general pressure to be lifted a little. Very humble dreams really.

Building relationships is important, whether it be with your Representatives or Area Managers in the areas where you work. When we all work together we all benefit. Make sure that you set realistic goals that push you a little but not too much - you're in this to have fun as well as earn money and what use is success if you're too tired to enjoy it?

I love the fact that what I put into Sales Leadership is reflected in what I get out of it. It’s a job I'm good at, I enjoy it and it works for me. I’m proud to be able to say that about what I do.”

I love the fact that what I put into Sales Leadership is reflected in what I get out of it.

Roz achieved fourth place in the Champions League incentive

in 2009; she won a two-night theatre break in London.

“Winning fourth place amazed me

– I had no idea it was possible to compete with the top dogs at such an early stage. In 2010 my husband and I get to spend Valentine’s Day weekend in London – as a chef we have never been able to be together on this busy day, and winning this prize means it'll be extra special! Having this story to tell, along with my own enjoyment of the job, has enabled me to build a stronger team. I'm now very excited and my confidence in my business

has grown.”